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We are a fast growing trade and services company operating internationally. Thanks to our several year’s experience, we are able to meet our customers’ expectations perfectly well. We are monitoring the market constantly and, thus, can adapt to its requirements.

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Please, check our offer which includes plotters, accessories for plotters and related consumables.
New products are gradually added to the offer to meet the bigger and bigger demands of the contemporary market.

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We are ready to provide tailor-made products on very attractive terms, which are unavailable in our regular offer.

We would like to invite retailers and wholesalers to co-operate with our company. We are also looking for local distributors. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website or by email:

We are both a retailer and wholesaler.

Our main objective is the customer’s satisfaction, therefore we offer professional advice and guarantee quick and professional completion of orders.

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ship Our several year’s operation in the sector of international trade resulted in gaining broad experience and numerous new trade contractors and forwarders.
We’d like to share our knowledge with you as well by allowing you to place orders within different fields of trade, economy and industry.

If you choose to co-operate with us, you’ll become importers without taking any risks or bearing other possible costs.
You can make big profits with little financial contribution, and you don’t need to visit public offices, go through all the necessary formalities or remember to meet applicable terms. By taking advantage of our experience you may use our contact database. We are importing goods from the EU, the USA, China, India, Korea, and other countries.

We take care of our customers’ business at all times. We will help you find interesting quality products at an attractive price with no outrageous margins. Additionally, we provide insurance and ensure goods are transported to their destination. All this will let you save time, money and stay calm at the same time.

Our experience is the key to your success…


Visit our Online Shop and check our offer of plotters, plotter accessories and consumables.



  • - LAN and Wi-Fi networks
    • - design
    • - implementation
    • - upgrading
    • - maintenance
    • - administration
    • - security
  • - Advice on the choice and purchase of equipment
  • - Supervision over vendors and outsourcing
  • - Safety of IT systems
  • - Trainings and on-going consultation
2 specialists
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  • - Service of computer equipment
  • - Diagnosis of computer equipment
  • - Maintenance of computer equipment
  • - Configuration of computer equipment
  • - Upgrading of computer equipment
  • - Installation of IT systems and software
  • - Archiving of data
  • - Recovery of data
  • - Secure deletion of data
  • - Antivirus protection


Authorised service under guarantee and post-guarantee of MAXTECH equipment.





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